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Everyone wishes to have a good night’s sleep. According to an article by the American Sleep Association, sleep improves the overall functioning of the body by regulating the effective functioning of the heart, brain, weight, and immune system which in turn contributes to a healthier and longer life. Having an undisturbed and restful sleep has been directly connected to improved memory, cognitive functioning, and weight regulation. However, having a restful 6-8 hour sleep, can seem like a wish of any who experiences any form of insomnia or sleep disturbances who struggle to have a peaceful sleep. While the most severe cases require medical treatments, there are a few tips and tricks one can practice to help induce better sleep.

1. Block stressful thoughts once you retired from the day:
One of the most harmful things most people are guilty of practicing is thinking of the things about the day that did not get done or an important deadline or even all the regrets one ponders over once they are free from the activities of the day, whatever the cause maybe, this is one of the worst things to do if you are trying to get a good night sleep and recharge your mind and body. Not only are you keeping your brain un-necessarily active but the thoughts in nature are stress-inducing which is even more dangerous. It is thus extremely important not to let negative thoughts fester, be it day or night but especially while going to sleep.

2. Meditate
Meditation is a beneficial exercise for the mind as cardio may be for the body. It is important to meditate as it helps people collect their thoughts and stay calm, collected, and on track of one’s thoughts, thereby reducing stress. This in turn fosters good sleep.

3. Exercise and Diet:
Exercise releases oxytocin and serotonin which helps regulate a positive mood in an individual. Furthermore, if an individual is physically exhausted then he/she is also likely to fall asleep quicker. Having a healthy diet also helps improve one’s sleep. A lot of times, when there are excess toxins in our body, it changes the chemical imbalance in our physiological system thus compromising sleep. There are many forms of food help regulate sleep. Herbal teas like camomile tea is a prime example of such foods.

4. Having a relaxed and sleep-inducing environment:
This is a remarkably simple but key aspect for inducing restful sleep. The environment plays a key factor as one can be stress-free, physically exhausted, and yet will not be able to sleep, if say there are noises from a party or construction noises in the area. The environment should be peaceful and safe. Investing in a comfortable mattress, bed sheets and pillow is the most basic way you can help create such an environment.

A restful sleep does not have to be a comfort or a privilege which only some have the pleasure of having. These tips offer some suggestions to improve one’s sleep.

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