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1. What is the difference between kapok cotton mattress and regular mattress?

Kapok Cotton MattressRegular Mattress
Filled with Natural Kapok CottonFilled with synthetic materials like foam
No chemicalsContains chemicals
Provides uniform support to the bodyUneven support that leads to back pain
Provides cool and restful sleepCauses sweating by increasing body heat
Eco-friendly and BiodegradableNot eco-friendly and Non-Biodegradable

2. What are the health benefits of sleeping on Kana Mattress?

No Back Pain

Our mattresses provide uniform and firm support to the body. So, it does not cause any back pain


Kapok cotton is naturally anti-microbial and free from toxic chemicals. These properties safeguard you from developing allergies.

Cool and Restful Sleep

Kapok cotton mattresses and pillows are cool and do not generate heat and make you sweat like synthetic and latex mattresses.

3. How is Kapok cotton mattress better than regular cotton mattress?

Kapok Cotton MattressOrdinary Cotton Mattress
Provides good body support and retains the shape of the mattressDoes not provide body support and loses the shape of the mattress
Kapok cotton grows in Kapok treeOrdinary cotton grows in a plant
Kapok cotton is low density fibre and it is excellent for stuffing mattresses and pillowsOrdinary cotton is not good for stuffing because of its density properties
Kapok cotton does not absorb moisture and does not lumpOrdinary cotton absorb moisture and form lumps

4. Does Kapok cotton mattress require special maintenance?

Kapok cotton mattresses are low maintenance products. Just flip the mattress once in a while to get a better experience and expose the mattress to sunlight to increase its durability.

5. What is the durability of Kana Mattresses?

Kana Mattresses will last for a long time with basic maintenance for at least 10 years. We recommend replacing any mattress you purchase every 7 years for a better experience.

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