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Why choose organic or natural mattress?

Why choose organic or natural mattress?

While comparing organic and natural mattresses, at first glance, it’ll appear as if there’s no major difference between them. But that’s not the case. When picking the best mattress, you’d also want to be assured that you’re sleeping on a healthy surface.

So, when comparing both mattresses, we’re actually looking into the materials used in their making. To know more about why we should choose either one of them, let’s dive deeper into it!

Difference between organic and natural mattresses
We all spend a lot of time lying on our mattresses, so it’s only fair if we choose a mattress that’s good for our health and also for our environment. On that note, here’s a quick comparison for you to find the right choice.

In this context, the term “organic” means that there are no synthetic materials used, while the term “natural” means that the usage of synthetic materials is relatively less.

Now, most mattress companies would interchangeably use these terms, so if you’re sensitive about the inclusion of synthetic materials in your mattress, it’s best to investigate the exact composition of a mattress.

In conclusion, both these mattresses also come under the category of non-toxic or eco-friendly mattresses. They both use materials like cotton, wool, and latex instead of relying on synthetic materials. But, among the two, organic mattresses are more expensive, and they are more preferred over other mattresses as well.

Benefits of a natural mattress
● Comfort: A natural mattress can indeed give you a good night’s sleep without the drawbacks of sleeping on a mattress made from synthetic materials. Also, natural mattresses that are made from organic latex are highly supportive and they even reduce your pressure points.
● Heat and moisture regulation: Since these mattresses are made of cotton and wool, it greatly promotes the regulation of moisture and our body temperature. While wool traps the moisture, cotton keeps your body cool while you sleep.
● Price: Natural mattresses cost less than organic mattresses. In most cases, that’s because unlike organic mattresses, natural mattresses aren’t entirely made of organic and expensive materials. But, there’s nothing to worry about here, since it’s a negligible difference. Anyway, it’s best to do your research on the composition of the mattress before purchasing it!

Benefits of an organic mattress
● Healthy composition: An authentic organic mattress is entirely made from non-toxic components like wool, natural latex, and cotton. It has 100% natural fabrics and 0% chemicals.
● Environment-friendly: Organic mattresses, because of their composition, are better for the environment as they leave a smaller carbon footprint than other mattresses. Since they don’t contain any chemicals, they’re the healthiest mattress option for you!
● Comfort: Organic mattresses are certainly more comfortable and plush than their memory foam counterparts. They isolate motion, they’re responsive, and they’ll contour your body.
● Durability: Organic mattresses are made from high-quality and natural materials that will stay in their peak condition for a really long time. You can expect the same level of benefit without any loss in its performance for well over a decade, given that you maintain the mattress properly!

The perfect mattress for you, irrespective of what a natural or an organic mattress is, really depends on your requirements, conditions, and budget for a mattress. Either way, there’s a lot of comfort on both sides!

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